Being the primary language of various countries, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Being the chief language of countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand etc, English plays a significant role in our day-to-day lives. English is an ever-evolving language.

Presently English is used as an official language in India. English emerged as a second language in a country like India. In schools, English is taught as a foreign language and more and these days more students opt online English tutoring. The benefit of knowing English is when we are travelling, or while visiting another country or when we speak to a person belonging to another nationality. English is often used at workplaces as well.

English has widespread usage in newspaper and book publishing, scientific publications. English spread only because of the British invasion. English also diffused through Music, Movies, Advertising, and various TV shows. Numerous novels and short stories are published in English. Each country varies in its pronunciation, spelling and words while using the English Language.

English has many local varieties across the world like American, African- American Vernacular English, British, Canadian, Chinese, Caribbean, English, Indian, Irish, Pakistani, Singapore, Zimbabwean and many Standard English varieties.

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Understand Students Academic Backgrounds

The Academic Background of a student is directly linked to the native place to which they pertain. Just enquirer from where the student comes from to know their background. Also, from their answers, we can understand whether they come from a big or small nation. From knowing what all holidays they have, we can understand the locality and background of the student.

Understanding their history helps in building engaging lessons. Mutual understanding and friendship between the online English tutor and student will be possible only if we get to know about the cultural heritage and norms of the student.

If we didn’t react appropriately realizing the difference in the behavior of the student, then the student won’t be able to adjust to their new surroundings. If a tutor wants a student’s attention, then the tutor has to engage topics which are related to the background of the student’s culture. Then, there will be active participation of the student.

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Assign An English Language Tutor To New Students

Clubbing a Student and online English tutor can lessen the alienation that the student feels towards English since many students hail from places which attribute less importance to English. A former student will be more accustomed to their new learning environment than the new student. Therefore the former student can help the new student in familiarizing with their adopted surroundings. This method will help in boosting the academic performance of the student and also positively boost the communicating abilities of the student.

Through the experiences of the English tutor, the student can advance without any queries while learning English. The mentor and student will trust each other, which help in the student's acquisition of the language swiftly.

In order to make a bond between the student and the tutor, then both of them have to spend a lot of time mutually. They can either engage themselves in playing sports during leisure time or even working on a subject which the student is weak at. But it's not only with the tutor that a student should spend time but also with the other students as well. What ultimately matters is the confidence of the student, which is the only thing which could improve the student's acquisition of the language. Even a student has the right to demand an explanation in their native language when they are in doubt.

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Assignments As A Tool To Improve Learning English

Giving assignments to the student will help in connecting with English Language Students. But the approach should be different. Otherwise, the student will struggle in the online tutoring session. Suppose the assignment which is assigned to the student is to be written and submitted, then the new student will struggle to write the assignment since English is an alien language to them. Keep in mind that we shouldn't make them sit idle, and we should encourage them to write. Make them write in their first language so that there is some effort from their part. At least it would be an effort from their part. Even though you won't be able to understand, the effort of the student will never go wasted.

Encourage Parental Support

Always encourage support from parents. Communicating with parents of the student will help in decreasing the student's alienation towards English language. But many parents feel perturbed while taking part in the education process because of their different cultures. Translation comes into rescue at that moment.

Letters which are translated and also translators act as an aid during this transition. Educating parents on the intricate details of the U.S. school system improves their knowledge of tutor/school expectations, procedures, and curricula. But communication through phone or email won't be possible since some parents won't be using it. Therefore visiting them at home is the best way to initiate a conversation with them. Also, the discussion will be more real and will work out better than how we chat.

Avoid offending them in ways which you are unaware of. Therefore keep in mind the cultural background of them. Otherwise, you will end up hurting them. Even the right gesture for us proves to be a wrong gesture for them. Remember to be culturally responsive keeping in mind the culture of the immigrant family.

Be respectful to them — even actions which we make may be interpreted differently by the student's family. If we put a little effort, it will benefit the student. It will improve their academic performance and their friendliness with the school. Online English tutors must establish a secure environment in their session. A positive atmosphere will decrease stress and improve a student's activity.

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Visual Lessons Are More Effective

Providing visual lessons is something which plays an indispensable role in effective online tutoring. It helps in better comprehension by the students. If a student can't apprehend something spoken by the tutor, then visual lessons come for rescue. It is similar to a condition when we read a book, then we will understand it better than when we hear a story from someone. Therefore always keep in mind that we should limit oral teaching and give more importance to visual teaching.

A new student will end up unable to grasp what the online English tutor says in their native language. So to avoid it, the tutor should write and teach. Teach in this manner whenever possible. It will be a big task for us, but the student will be thankful later on. Concepts which are challenging to understand must be taught with pictures.

Explain the steps of the solution and also how you reached the final product. Describe it to the student. We must guide our students on what they should do. The benefit which the student will get is enhanced comprehension through this teaching method.

Each student wants to feel included in the session. Leaving behind their background, an online English tutor should embrace every ELL student and make a positive tutor-student bond. An ELL student must go through several obstacles while adapting to an entirely new environment.

Many times a student may feel ostracized while they have to learn on their own or attend a session. There are numerous tips like understanding a student's background and providing them with a private English tutor. Also, to improve a student's academic performance, give them assignments and give visual lessons along with support from parents. Some effort must be there from the tutor's side. Never forget to create positivity in the session.