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English (PRIMARY) Science (PRIMARY) Maths (PRIMARY) History (PRIMARY) Geography (PRIMARY) Music (PRIMARY) Computing (PRIMARY) SAT's (PRIMARY) Kidsmart (PRIMARY) Maths (SECONDARY) Science (SECONDARY) English (SECONDARY) History (SECONDARY) Music (SECONDARY) Geography (SECONDARY) Computing (SECONDARY) Biology (SECONDARY) Maths (GCSE) English (GCSE) History (GCSE) Geography (GCSE) Music (GCSE) Computing (GCSE) Biology (GCSE) Physics (GCSE) Chemistry (GCSE) English Literature (GCSE) English (A LEVEL) Maths (A LEVEL) Business studies (A LEVEL) Psychology (A LEVEL) History (A LEVEL) Geography (A LEVEL) Music (A LEVEL) Physics (A LEVEL) Biology (A LEVEL) Chemistry (A LEVEL) English literature (A LEVEL) Computer Science (A LEVEL) Art and Design (A LEVEL) Law tuition (A LEVEL) Economics (A LEVEL) Sociology (A LEVEL) Python (IT Courses) PHP-MYSQL (IT Courses) Wordpress (IT Courses) Net app (IT Courses) Linux (IT Courses) PHP (IT Courses) Basic computer course (MS Office based) (IT Courses) Advanced MS Office (IT Courses) Advanced Excel (IT Courses) C++ (IT Courses) Advanced Java (IT Courses) Guitar (Music)
Newcastle upon Tyne , England

I have wealth of experience that includes: C# Java Python PHP HTML JavaScript Discrete Mathematics Mathematics Guitar

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